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Dangerous Devices

Texas Dangerous Devices

Every year, some of the most devastating injuries are caused by products that fail to work properly, or that were designed or manufactured without due care to the end user. These injuries often leave a person with permanent, disabling injuries, large medical bills and many questions as to what rights they have against a giant corporation. At Kondos & Kondos, our attorneys have the requisite experience and expertise to answer any questions you may have regarding a potential claim against a manufacturer.

There are a number of steps you can take if you are injured by a defective product that will assist you in making a successful claim against the manufacturer:

Because of the issues involved, products liability cases are extremely complex and involve issues of a technical nature. Like a medical malpractice claim, products liability claims require expert testimony to prove that the product was indeed defective at the time it was purchased by the consumer. This testimony is provided by chemical or mechanical engineers, human factors experts or others with the knowledge and experience to make the determination. The necessity of this testimony often results in products liability cases costing tens of thousands of dollars. Because of the cost associated with bringing these types of claims, you should contact an experienced Texas Product Liability Attorney with the experience and knowledge necessary to handle these complex cases.

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